Sunday, December 24, 2006


Maybe it's just nostalgia, or maybe even a mid-life crisis, but whatever it is I'll take it. I've not had a pair of cowboy boots in a very long time. It's not like I never wore them though, it was the footwear of choice for me for years. I've had more than my share of boots and I'm not entirely sure how I came about not having boots. Oh, there's a pair of cowboy like work boots suitable for trudging through the odd pasture, or through the woods, or into the dungeon when the combination of space heater, microwave oven and electric griddle get the best of a breaker, but they're not anything I'd slip on as casual attire.

This wasn't just some passing fancy either. Heck, I was married in a pair of boots. Oddly enough, that was the last decent pair of boots I had. I bought them specifically for the wedding, and wore them about 5 years. They were very nice, super soft, caribou hide Dan Post boots. So, what happened to these special boots? I was at a music store hanging out and the shop owner commented on my boots. I jokingly offered to sell them to him. He chuckled and asked, "How much?" Like the bonehead I am I told him $100. I went home barefooted.

A few months ago I wandered into the Corral West store looking for a jacket and this gentleman was behind me trying on boots. He asked me "What size boots do you wear?" I told him and he tossed me a pair and insisted I try them on. I figured if a customer was this sold on these boots and liked them so much that he would suggest them to a complete stranger, I should try them. Holy moly! These were comfortable. My boots never felt this good! They were Ariat Cobalt XR Pros. I had never heard of the brand, but of course I hadn't shopped for boots in 15 years. I had to have these boots!

So each time we'd go by Corral West I'd stop in, try out the boots and wonder what was stopping me from biting the bullet and taking them home. The last time we were there Tina said, just stick them in lay-away and each time we come by we'll pay a little on them, and it'll be like they're free. I sure like the way she thinks.

Samuel, our son, loves boots too, and a couple of days ago he announced that his were too small. Ok, so he needs boots too. So, with Christmas money in hand we head to the western store to get him a pair of boots and pick up mine. While we were their Tina found a pair of boots that she wanted so all three of us spent our holiday allotment on boots. Yes, all three of us bought Ariat boot. As I've already noted, mine is the Cobalt XR Pro. Samuel's pair is the Heritage Crepe and Tina finally opted for the Canyon style.

Does this sound like a commercial for Ariat and Corral West? Probably, but we're all thrilled with our new boots. We're also happy to have discovered a new brand that is incredibly comfortable - beyond anything I've ever had on my foot! Perhaps it's just the nostalgic mid-life crisis along with the fact that it's just darn nice to have a nice pair of boots again! I'm excited, can't you tell?


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