Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pulled the Trigger on the Mountain Bike

I know you just can't wait to know what I bought. I should let you all take bets. I bet some of you already have bets going. So, what did I get?

Did I buy the Jamis? Maybe I got the Trek? Maybe I got the Ironhorse that I didn't tell you about? Maybe it was the Motobecane that Richard showed me on eBay. I really liked the looks of the Gary Fisher - maybe it was that one? Okay, okay... enough teasing.

I bought a bike! Heck, I bought two bikes! I bought a bike for me, and one for Tina too. We've already put a few miles on them today and I can hardly wait to ride again.

Tina isn't nearly as picky as I am. She just wanted a bike. She saw one, it fit her, she rode it - liked it - done! Gee, why can't I be like that. She wound up with a Giant Rincon. She liked the blue color. It fit her quite well, but she did opt for a better seat. I figure it's her butt, she should know what feels right, and I honestly don't want anything to discourage her from riding. I suppose it's her Mother's Day gift, and Birthday, and Christmas -- just kidding.

I bought the Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc. Yes, I know, I had looked a all kinds of bikes. Test rode higher end stuff, cheaper stuff, and had worried and stressed about the varying quality of components, but I took the advice of Bob and Richard and went with the bike that just felt the best. Nothing else I rode really felt as right as the Hardrock. I'm happy, and oddly, I'm not feeling any of the buyers remorse that I usually feel when I make a big purchase. I did my homework. I annoyed my friends. I carted my family to nearly every bike shop I could think of. I tried several bikes. I followed my gut on this one. I'm glad I did!

I'd also like to thank Dalton Bicycles for their patience throughout this whole process. I had been going in there for probably 6 months just looking at bikes trying to decide exactly what I want. In the end I got treated right, and Jason and Ross were very helpful and made us feel welcome. I believe in supporting the local stores and they made it easy to do that.

So, without further ado, here we are with our new bikes.

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