Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tina Bought a Road Bike

I'm sure I had a lot to do with this purchase. She enjoys her mountain bike, but I've been riding more and more road miles lately and we like to ride together. We looked at and test rode a couple of road bikes for her (Specialized, Trek and Giant). She was very impressed with how easy they all were to ride. The local bike shop - Bear Creek Cycles (formerly Dalton Bicycles) - had a 2007 model Giant OCR3 that she liked the best, so she put it in lay-away.

Tina had some travel money owed her, so when she got her travel check she brought the bike home. She's going to be a formidable road biker. We went riding yesterday (her second road ride) and she did great. It was a 12 mile out and back. I didn't tell her how far, because I knew she'd never agree that she could make it. I knew differently, and I was right.

She was proud of herself, I was too. I think it really boosted her confidence. I just wonder how long it will be before I'm struggling to keep up.


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