Sunday, August 17, 2008

Audio for Clawhammer Banjo Tunes Book

As you probably remember I finished up a couple of Tab Books back in June. I've finally scratched together some sound files for the Clawhammer book. I apologize for the delay. However, for those that have already purchased the book I hope by now you've worked through the tabs and your getting your fingers around some of the licks and tunes. If you've not purchased a book yet feel free to download these tunes - if you would like a tab of any of them, they're in the book. I've a limited number left, so don't put it off too long if you want one.

I hope these audio files serve as a reference for you. Remember what I said in class. "It's easier to make one alike than two alike." That still applies. I tried to play the tunes exactly as I have them tabbed in the book - and I realize you expect that. However, I know from my own experience that each time I play something I take a different path - no matter how hard I try. I think that I got "close enough" on most of these to give you an idea of the feel and tune of the song. After all it's the song that matters - not just playing what I have in the book. I sincerely hope that none of you are spending your time memorizing these things note for note.

Here's a couple more disclaimers before I post links. These files were created sitting here in front of my computer using an inexpensive computer mic and Audacity. Audacity is great, the mic isn't. It does, however, serve the purpose of getting the tunes in a format that I can easily share. The tunes may also vary a bit in tuning. Sorry about that. I discovered that after everything was recorded. I suppose I could have gone back and fixed those errant tracks, but they're not that far off, and I'm guessing you may drop these files into some sort of software that allows you to slow things down. (Audacity does this, as does Best Practice - both are free.) I played some of the tunes at a slower pace than normal, and others I just played them at a regular speed.

So, without further excuses or stalling here are the tunes:

Zip File of the Tunes

Thanks again for buying my book!


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