Sunday, August 14, 2011

Recording King Madison

Way back in February Greg Rich and I started discussing the possibility of me becoming a Recording King endorsing artist. I played a few of their banjos and was seriously impressed. They were needing someone to endorse the RK-R35, so I agreed to give it a whirl.

The banjo arrived and after some setup it's a great banjo. Check it out:

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sejman said...

Hi Jim - just got my RK-R35 and love it - thanks for the reviews and endorsement. As a beginner/intermediate moving up from a Deering Goodtime, I really wanted an instrument that didn't look like a "starter" banjo but also sounded and played and was built like a quality instrument. As a non-professional, it didn't make sense to jump to the $2-3K range required to get these features in a Deering Sierra or similar "pro" instrument. I found everything I wanted and needed in the RK-R35 and your videos were a big help in my buying decision. Thanks!