Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Twenty Five Years

This past August 16th Tina and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary. There were no festivities, so please don't think your invitation may have been lost, or worse yet we decided to cut you from our list of invitees. We had a quiet day at Red Clay State Park.

Why Red Clay? It was one of our regular places to go when we were dating. It's close by, it's quiet, and it's free. It gave us plenty of opportunity just to walk and talk and get to know each other. Maybe that's the secret of a successful marriage. People often ask those of us that have been married for a while what the secret is. Maybe it's just simply getting to know one another.

So that's going to be my advice to dating couples. Get to know each other. Spend some time hiking and walking together at many of the great State and National parks. You'll save money, and you'll learn a lot about the person you're with. Keep it simple.

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